Anthony Levandowski Net Worth: LifeStyle, Co-Founder Pronto

Anthony Levandowski is an American engineer and entrepreneur who was born on March 15, 1980, in Brussels, Belgium. He is best known for his work in the field of Self-driving cars and his involvement with Google’s Waymo and Uber’s self-driving car programs.

Anthony Levandowski net worth is $50 million, and have also had dual nationalities. He is also known as a French and American Engineer who introduced self-driving cars.

Anthony Levandowski Early Life and Education

Anthony was raised in Marin County, California. He attended Marin Catholic High School and later graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also earned a master’s degree in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Anthony Levandowski net worth

Anthony Levandowski
ProfessionCo-Founder of Pronto
Date of Birth15 March 1980 ( 43 years old )
Place of BirthBrussels, Belgium
Anthony Levandowski Net Worth$50 million

DARPA Grand Challenge:

As a newbie, Anthony was a smart guy, Launching an intranet service just from his basement. In 2004, built a self-driving motorcycle with the help of other UC Berkeley Engineers partnered. That motorcycle has participated in the DARPA Grand Challenge.

The nickname of the motorcycle is Ghostrider, which can be found in the National Museum of American History, the Smithsonian Institution.

Waymo Project:

After the completion of graduation, Levandowski join Silicon Valley and started the work for companies like Google and 3com. During his time at Google, he worked on Google Maps and a driverless car project called Waymo.

Anthony Levandowski Career

Anthony Levandowski’s career started in the field of robotics, where he worked on several projects at Carnegie Mallon University. He later joins Google in 2007, where he worked on the company’s-driving car project, which later become Waymo.

Anthony Levandowski was a key figure in the development of Google’s self-driving car technology, and he played a significant role in the team that won the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2007.

Trucking Company OTTO:

In 2016, Levandowski left Google to start his own self-driving trucking company called Otto. Shortly after, Otto was acquired by Uber for $680 million, and Levandowski became the head of Uber’s self-driving car program.

However, Levandowski was later sued by Waymo, who accused him of stealing trade secrets from the company before he left to start Otto. In 2018, Anthony Levandowski net worth was raised day by day but was affected a little bit when he was ordered to pay $179 million in damages to Waymo.

If these incidents had not happened to him, Anthony Levandowski Net Worth maybe doubled but we can still imagine in the future his Net worth cross $100 million.

Notable Facts About Anthony Levandowski

  • Alma Mater ( University of California, Berkeley )
  • Professions ( Self-driving car engineer and Anthony Levandowski is the Co-Founder of Pronto )
  • Anthony is known for ( Pleading guilty to trade secret theft and Co-founding Waymo from 2009 to 2016 and Ottomoto 2016 )
  • Anthony Levandowski Notable work ( Ghost Rider ) and ( “Pribot” the first autonomous vehicle to drive on public roads.

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Anthony Levandowski Net Worth

As of 2021, Anthony Levandowski net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. However, his net worth has been significantly impacted by the legal battles with Waymo and his bankruptcy filing.

Personal Life Anthony Levandowski:

Anthony Levandowski is married to his wife Rasa, and the couple has two children. In 2019, Levandowski was charged with 33 counts, of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets related to self-driving car technology.

He later pleaded guilty to one count of theft and was sentenced to 18 months, in prison.

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Anthony Levandowski Age Or Height

In 2023, Anthony Levandowski will be 43 years old and his height is 6 ft 6 in. ( 198 cm ). He has gained great achievements in his life and made the best of his career and is likely to continue to make a significant impact on the technology industry.

Business Ventures:

Anthony is known as an active investor and has been involved and invested his money in different companies. He is a partner at the venture capital firm, Playground Global, and is a board member at several companies, including self-driving car companies and Cruise.

Criminal Conviction

The Department of Justice charged Levandowski on August 27, 2019, for the illegal theft of secrets from Google self-driving unit Waymo.

Several months before, when he left Google Charged is that on Levandowski he download thousand of important files from Waymo’s predecessor, Project Chauffeur.

Critical engineering information, data allegedly included which used on the project Chauffer self-driving vehicles,” and after that, he transferred that files onto his laptop before leaving the company.

After that, he announced that he founded the Pronto, a new self-driving trucking company that Anthony co-founded, and announced that its Chief Safety Officer, Robbie Miller, would take over the charge as a CEO.

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