Dougherty Dozen Net Worth: Famous YouTuber, LifeStyle, Bio

Dougherty Dozen is famous for her TikTok videos and is a successful YouTuber. Dougherty Dozen Founders ( Joshua or Alicia ) started her youtube channel on 21 Feb 2020. At present time Dougherty Dozen Net Worth is $1.1 million and increases by around 9.5 % every year. Both are very hardworking and make videos on a regular basis and upload them on youtube.

Alicia’s husband is Joshua and they have 12 children. Dougherty Dozen Founders make money on her youtube channel. They have not only one source of Income they also make money through jobs and Brand endorsements.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

Dougherty Dozen started her career as a YouTuber on 21 Feb 2020. Joshua Dougherty and Alicia Doughtery generate a yearly Net Worth of $1.1 million. They cannot depend on her youtube channel also they make money through jobs, promoting brand products and they have also websites from which they get money.

If we see Dougherty Dozen’s business structure so they can earn an estimated year of $190k to 250k. At the current time, they have established her business in a successful way. They live in New York USA. Dougherty Dozen make videos related to Vlogging, recipes, and Snackerty and upload them on her Youtube Channel.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth (Monthly Income):

Joshua Dougherty got $17.80 per hour as a teacher. If we see this salary structure so he cannot earn too much. Mr. Joshua Dougherty is a teacher and also a football coach at Mendon High School, New York. But Dougherty Dozen make monthly Income from her job and youtube channel $18k to $19k.

On YouTube, they have uploaded near about 2k videos and have 1.28 million subscribers. They achieve success in a very short period. They make $22,000 to $30,000 per month from youtube and get millions of views on their youtube channel.

TikTok Income:

Dougherty Dozen Also make money using the TikTok platform, they have around 5 million followers on TikTok. Dougherty Dozen earn less than Youtube’s income they make money on TikTok through sponsored Ads and paid partnership programs and they can charge around $8000 to $12000 for a sponsored post.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth was raised every year with a high percentage and at the end of this year, Net Worth cross $1.6 million. Now they have many sources of income including Youtube or Youtube Partner programs, the TikTok platform, websites, Facebook, and Instagram.

All the sources of Income platforms are related to the Internet and Social Media. Basically, Dougherty Dozen currently does not have any running solid business, they make money using social media. In the future maybe they have started their own business but accordingly, to our information, they do have not any registered company or business in the USA.

Dougherty Dozen family net worth 2023

Alicia and Joshua have 12 Children and they all live together in the USA, which makes the idea that no anyone married her children. Accordingly in 2023, the Dougherty Dozen family’s net worth is $1.1 million because as we discuss above they make money using social media and a big source of income YouTube.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

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Dougherty Dozen Children’s Names Or Ages

Alexander Jean Dougherty18 years old
James William Dougherty16 years old
Patrick John Dougherty14 years old
Nevaeh Dougherty14 years old
Dayshawn Dougherty13 years old
Bree Cindra Summer Dougherty12 years old
Zoey Mae Elizabeth Dougherty11 years old
Dashel John Dougherty9 years old
Jason David Williams Dougherty8 years old
Jordan Steven Williams8 years old
Bodhi Blaze Dougherty6 years old
Harlee Quinton Louise Dougherty4 years old

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth Or Biography Facts

Joshua Brain is a school teacher and he taught his special education students via the Zoom application from his home office in Pittsford, New York. After marriage to Alicia that time Joshua does not have her own business. His wife Alicia is very hardworking and she always cooperates in a hard time with her husband.

Dougherty Dozen face many problems after marriage but they cannot lose her courage. Both are intelligent persons and on 21 Feb 2020 started her Youtube Channel after that they built a strong relationship with social media and make money.

Dougherty Dozen FoundersJoshua and Alicia Dougherty
Joshua Brian’s Birthday Date11 Jan 1979
Alicia Brian’s Birthday Date9 Oct 1980
Joshua Brian’s age44 years 4 months
Alicia Brian’s age 42 years 7 months
Joshua Brian’s Birth Sign Capricorn
Alicia Brian’s Birth SignLibra
Home Town PlaceRochester, New York State
Youtube Debut 21 Feb 2020
Youtube AwardAmerican

Dougherty Dozen Children’s Date of Birth:

Alexander Jean7 Feb 2006
James William16 Jan 2007
Patrick John14 March 2015
Nevaeh14 march 2015
Dayshawn29 July 2008
Bree Cindra Summer27 Jan 2011
Zoey Mae Elizabeth10 April 2012
Dashel John11 Jan 2014
Jason David Williams16 Oct 2014
Jordan Steven Williams16 Oct 2014
Bodhi Blaze4 Oct 2016
Harlee Quinton Louise7 Aug 2018

Dougherty Dozen ( Joshua or Alicia ) Starting Career On Youtube:

They have starting a career on youtube and published the first video on 21 Feb 2020, Video title is ” Thankful Thursday”. At the Starting of this year 2023 in January, Dougherty Dozen crossed 1.1 million subscribers.

After that, Dougherty Dozen famous on Tiktok videos and got many followers in a very short time and has also increased their Facebook, and Instagram followers. 993k followers on Instagram, 490k followers on Facebook, and 5.7 million followers on TikTok.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth cross $1.6 million at the end of this year. Many brands and companies pay them good money to promote their products. They have big sources of Income Youtube Platform and an estimated $30,000 per month.

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How much does Dougherty Dozen earn from Youtube?

Dougherty Dozen started Youtube Channel on 21 Feb 2020 and gain popularity in a very short period and earn from Youtube around $30,000 per month and yearly Dougherty Dozen Net Worth $1.1 million.

What is the Religion of the Dougherty Dozen?

Dougherty Dozen’s religion is Christianity.

How many kids does Alicia Dougherty have?

Alicia Dougherty’s husband is Joshua Dougherty and they have 12 Children and they live together in the USA.

What are the names of the Dougherty Dozen Children?

Dougherty Dozen have 12 children and their names are Harlee, Bodhi, Jordan, Jason, Dash, Zoey, Bree, Patrick, James, and Alex.

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